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Facial Hair Friday – Adrian Becker

Welcome to another edition of Facial Hair Friday! Every Friday during “Movember” we’re highlighting a glorious ‘stache from Sauk City’s past. Today, we look at Adrian Becker shown below with his wife. She doesn’t seem to be entirely sold on his facial hair at this point in the marriage.

Adrian Becker and Wife

Adrian was the bridge tender in Sauk City. He and his family lived next to the bridge and he was responsible for collecting fees, maintaining the bridge, and operated the swing span for passing river boats. Because the state didn’t fund bridge building, the position of bridge tender wasn’t exactly lucrative. As such, Adrian also worked as a shoemaker and bartender.

Adrian Becker Christ Obrecht Alex Noel

Here, we see Becker in middle age posing for a fabulous picture with friends Christ Obrecht and Alex Noel, who have tremendous moustaches in their own right.

Mr and Mrs Adrian Becker

Finally, after years of marriage, Adrian’s wife seems to have acquiesced to his life-long dedication to amazing facial hair. This picture was likely taken in the couple’s home, which was relocated from near the bridge to 922 Franklin St. in 1921. It is still standing to this day.

If you missed our previous entries in the Facial Hair Friday series be sure to check out the amazing ‘staches of the Naffz family and Robert Buerki and Louis Bach.


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