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What do I Read Next?

Katelyn’s Spring List

Spring 2022

Alharthi, Jokha – Bitter Orange Tree
Andrews, Mary Kay – The Homewreckers
Atherton, Nancy – Aunt Dimity and the Enchanted Cottage: Aunt Dimity
Baldacci, David – Dream Town: Archer
Banwo, Ayanna Lloyd – When we were Birds
Barclay, Linwood – Take your Breath Away
Batuman, Elif – Either/ Or
Bowen, Rhys and Clare Broyles – Wild Irish Rose: Molly Murphy
Bohjalian, Chris – The Lioness
Box, J. C. – Shadows Reel: Joe Pickett
Brown, Dale – Countdown to Midnight: Nicke Flynn
Brown, Rita Mae – Thrill of the Hunt: “Sister” Jane
Cañas, Isabel – The Hacienda
Carr, Robyn – A Family Affair
Chang, Lan Samantha – The Family Chao
Coben, Harlan – The Match: Wilde
Dailey, Janet – Hope Creek: New Americana
Dallas, Sandra – Little Souls
Deveraux, Jude – A Relative Murder: Medlar Mystery
Egan, Jennifer – The Candy House
Emezi, Akwaeke – You Made a Fool of Death with your Beauty
Evanovich, Janet – The Recovery Agent: Gabriela Rose
Feehan, Christine – Phantom Game: Ghost Walker
Finlay, Alex – The Night Shift
Fowler, Karen – Booth
Giffin, Emily – Meant to Be
Graham, Heather – Crimson Summer
Green, Jane – Sister Stardust
Guillory, Jasmine – By the Book: Meant to Be novel
Hendricks, Greer & Sarah Pekkanen – The Golden Couple
Henry, Emily – Book Lovers
Hepworth, Sally – The Younger Wife
Hillerman, Anne – The Sacred Bridge: Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito
Hubbard, Ladee – The Last Suspicious Holdout
Kingsbury, Karen – The Baxters: a prequel
Lauren, Christina – Something Wilder
Leon, Donna – Give Unto Others: Commissario Guido Brunetti
Lupica, Mike – Robert B. Parker’s Revenge Tour: Sunny Randall
Macmillan, Gilly – The Long Weekend
Mallery, Susan – The Summer Getaway
— The Boardwalk Bookshop
Mandel, Emily St. John – Sea of Tranquility
Margolin, Phillip – The Darkest Places: Robin Lockwood
Meltzer, Brad – The Lightning Rod: Zig & Nola
Michaels, Fern – Fear Thy Neighbor
— Secrets: Lost and Found
Miller, Linda Lael – Country Born: Painted Pony Creek
Morrison, Toni – Recitatif
Novic, Sara – True Biz
Pandian, Gigi – Under Lock and Skeleton Key: Secret Staircase mystery
Paretsky, Sara – Overboard: V.I. Warshawski
Patterson, James – Death of the Black Widow
— 22 Seconds: Women’s Murder Club
& Dolly Parton – Run Rose, Run
Perkins-Valdez, Dolen – Take My Hand
Perry, Anne – Three Debts Paid: Daniel Pitt
Reich, Christopher – Once a Thief: Simon Riske
Richardson, Kim Michele – The Book Woman’s Daughter
Roanhorse, Rebecca – Fevered Star: Between Earth and Sky
Roberts, Nora – Nightwork
Rollins, James – Kingdom of Bones: Sigma Force
Rosenfelt, David – Citizen K-9: K Team
Sandford, John – The Investigator: Letty Davenport
Scottoline, Lisa – What Happened to the Bennetts
Serle, Rebecca – One Italian Summer
St. James, Simone – The Book of Cold Cases
Straub, Emma – This Time Tomorrow
Steel, Danielle – High Stakes
— Beautiful
Stringfellow, Tara – Memphis: Family Tree
Swanson, Peter – Nine Lives
Thayer, Nancy – Summer Love
Trigiani, Adriana – The Good Left Undone
Tyler, Anne – French Braid
Ward, J. R. – Lover Arisen
Weiner, Jennifer – The Summer Place
White, Karen – The Shop on Royal Street
William, Beatriz, Lauren Willig & Karen White – The Lost Summers of Newport
Winspear, Jacqueline – A Sunlit Weapon: Maisie Dobbs
Woods, Stuart – A Safe House: Stone Barrington

Katelyn’s Winter List

Winter 2021-22

Allen, Jayne – Black Girls Must be Magic: Black girls must die exhausted
Allende, Isabel – Violeta
Andreades, Daphne Palasi – Brown Girls
Andrews, Brian – W.E.B. Griffin Rogue Asset: Presidential Agent
Atkins, Ace – Robert B. Parker’s Bye Bye Baby: Spenser
Beaton, M. C. – Death of a Green-Eyed Monster: Hamish Macbeth
Benedict, Marie – Her Hidden Genius
Brennan, Allison – The Sorority Murder
Burke, Alafair – Find Me
Chamberlain, Diane – The Last House on the Street
Chan, Jessamine – The School for Good Mothers
Cornwell, Bernard – Sharpe’s Assassin: Richard Sharpe
Dailey, Janet – Calder Grit: The Calder Brand
Davis, Fiona – Magnolia Palace
Dorsey, Tim – Mermaid Confidential: Serge Storms
Ernshaw, Shea – A History of Wild Places
Fowler, Christopher – London Bridge is Falling Down: Peculiar Crimes Unit
Fluke, Joanne – Caramel Pecan Roll Murder: Hannah Swenson
Gardner, Lisa – One Step Too Far: Frankie Elkin
Gonzalez, Xochitl – Olga Dies Dreaming
Guterson, David – The Final Case
Haigh, Jennifer – Mercy Street
Hunter, Stephen – Targeted: Bob Lee Swagger
Hurwitz, Gregg – Dark Horse: Orphan X
Ide, Joe – The Goodbye Coast
Jance, J. A. – Nothing to Lose
Kapelke-Dale, Rachel – The Ballerinas
Kellerman, Jonathan – City of the Dead: Alex Delaware
Kim, Juhea – Beasts of a Little Land
King, Stephen – Gwendy’s Final Task: Gwendy’s Button Box
Koontz, Dean – Quicksilver
Krentz, Jayne Ann – Lightning in a Mirror: Fog Lake
Lutz, Lisa – The Accomplice
Meier, Leslie – Easter Bonnet Murder: Lucy Stone
Mitchard, Jacquelyn – The Good Son
Otsuka, Julie – The Swimmers
Parker, T. Jefferson – A Thousand Steps
Patterson, James – The Paris Detective
— The Horsewoman
— Steal: Instinct
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child – Diablo Mesa
Robb, J. D. – Abandoned in Death: Eve Dallas
Robotham, Michael – When You are Mine
Rollins, James – The Starless Crown: Moon Fall
Steel, Danielle – Invisible
Taylor, Brad – End of Days: Pike Logan
Thompson, Victoria – City of Shadows: Counterfeit Lady
Todd, Charles – A Game of Fear: Ian Rutledge
Tracy, P. J. – Desolation Canyon
Umrigar, Thrity – Honor
Woods, Stuart – Criminal Mischief: Stone Barrington
Wrobel, Stephanie – This Might Hurt
Yanagihara, Hanya – To Paradise

Katelyn’s Summer List


Summer 2021


Afia, Nekesa – Dead, Dead Girls: Harlem Renaissance Mystery

Anam, Tahmima – The Startup Wife

Andrews, Donna – Murder Most Fowl: Meg Langslow

Arnett, Kristen – With Teeth

Atkins, Ace – The Heathens: Quinn Colson

Benedict, Marie & Victoria Murray – The Personal Librarian

Bentley, Don – Tom Clancy Target Acquired: Jack Ryan Jr.

Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda – Fierce Little Thing

Brown, Sandra – Blind Tiger

Burke, James Lee – Another Kind of Eden

Chiaverini, Jennifer – The Women’s March

Cook, Robin – Viral

Cosby, S.A. – Razorblade Tears

Coulter, Catherine – Vortex: FBI Thiller

Doiron, Paul – Dead by Dawn: Mike Bowditch

Fielding, Joy – Cul-de-sac

Frankel, Laurie – One Two Three

Graham, Heather – The Forbidden: Krewe of Hunters

Harmel, Kristin – The Forest of Vanishing Stars

Harris, Zakiya – The Other Black Girl

Hart, Carolyn – Ghost Blows a Kiss

Hawkins, Paula – A Slow Fire Burning

Heller, Peter – The Guide

Hendrix, Grady – The Final Girl Support Group

Higgins, Kristan – Pack up the Moon

Hilderbrand, Elin – Golden Girl

Hoang, Helen – The Heart Principle

Jackson, Lisa – Third Grave: Nikki Gillette & Pierce Reed

Jance, J. A. – Unfinished Business: Ali Reynolds

Jeffers, Honoree Fanonne – Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois

Johansen, Iris – The Bullet: Eve Duncan

King, Laurie – Castle Shade: Mary Russell and Sherlock Holms

King, Stephen – Billy Summers

Kleypas, Lisa – Devil in Disguise

Krueger, William Kent – Lightning Strike: Cork O’Connor

Lapena, Shari – Not a Happy Family

Macomber, Debbie – It’s Better this Way

Michaelides, Alex – The Maidens

Michaels, Fern – 19 Yellow Moon Road: Sisterhood

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia – Velvet was the Night

Mott, Jason – Hell of a Book

Oates, Joyce Carol – Night, Neon

— Breathe

Palmer, Diana – Notorious

Paris, B. A. – The Therapist

Patterson, James – The Shadow

— The Noise

— The President’s Daughter

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth – When Stars Collide

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child – Bloodless: Pendergast

Reich, Kathy – The Bone Code: Temperance Brennan

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – Malibu Rising

Riley, Vanessa – Island Queen

Rosenfelt, David – Dog Eat Dog: Andy Carpenter

Sager, Riley – Survive the Night

Shaara, Jeff – The Eagle’s Claw

Silva, Daniel – The Cellist: Gabriel Allon

Slaughter, Karin – False Witness

Steel, Danielle – Nine Lives

— Complications

Stevens, Chevy – Dark Roads

Thor, Brad – Black Ice: Scot Harvath

Todd, Charles – An Irish Hostage: Bess Crawford

Wang, Kathy – Impostor Syndrome

Williams, Beatriz – Our Woman in Moscow

Williams, Tia – Seven Days in June

Woods, Stuart – Jackpot: Teddy Fay

— Class Act: Stone Barrington

Katelyn’s Spring List

Spring 2021

Albert, Susan Wittig – The Darling Dahlias and the Voodoo Lily: Darling Dahlias
Archer, Jeffrey – Turn a Blind Eye: Detective William Warwick
Baldacci, David – A Gambling Man: Archer
Barclay, Linwood – Find You First
Bohjalian, Chris – Hour of the Witch
Bowen, Rhys – The Venice Sketchbook
Box, C. J. – Dark Sky: Joe Pickett
Brennan, Allison – Tell no Lies: Quinn & Costa
Brown, Dale – Arctic Storm Rising: Nick Flynn
Childs, Laura – Haunted Hibiscus: Tea Shop Mystery
Coben, Harlan – Win
Coster, Naima – What’s Mine and Yours
Cussler, Clive – Fast Ice: NUMA Files
Deaver, Jeffery – The Final Twist: Colter Shaw
Deveraux, Jude – Meant to Be
Dickey, Eric – The Son of Mr. Suleman
Evanovich, Janet – The Bounty: Fox and O’Hare
Feehan, Christine – The Lightning Game: GhostWalker
Garcia, Gabriela – Of Women and Salt
Graff, Andrew – Raft of Stars
Graham, Heather – Danger in Numbers
Greenidge, Kaitlyn – Libertie
Grisham, John – Sooley
Hepworth, Sally – The Good Sister
Hillerman, Anne – Stargazer: Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito
Hunter, Stephen – Basil’s War
Ishiguro, Kazuo – Klara and the Sun
Jackson, Joshilyn – Mother May I
Jerkins, Morgan – Caul Baby
Jenoff, Pam – Woman with the Blue Star
Kelly, Martha Hall – Sunflower Sisters
Kingsbury, Karen – A Distant Shore
Koontz, Dean – The Other Emily
Kubica, Mary – Local Woman Missing
Lahiri, Jhumpa – Whereabouts
Leon, Donna – Transient Desires: Commissario Guido Brunett
Lupica, Mike – Robert B. Parker’s Payback: Sunny Randall
Mallery, Susan – The Stepsisters
Margolin, Phillip – Matter of Life and Death: Robin Lockwood
Mbue, Imbolo – How Beautiful We Were
McLain, Paula – When the Stars go Dark
McMahon, Jennifer – The Drowning Kind
Michaels, Fern – No Way Out
— Hidden: Lost and Found
Monroe, Mary Alice – The Summer of Lost and Found
Newland, Courttia – A River Called Time
Nguyen, Viet Thanh – The Committed
Oyeyemi, Helen – Peaces
Patterson, James – The Red Book: Black Book
— 21st Birthday: Women’s Murder Club
Perry, Anne – Death with a Double Edge: Daniel Pitt
Quick, Amanda – The Lady has a Past: Burning Cove
Quinn, Kate – The Rose Code
Roberts, Nora – Legacy
Rollins, James – Kingdom of Bones: Sigma Force
Rosenberg, Joel – Beirut Protocol
Rosenfelt, David – Animal Instinct: K Team
Ross, Ann – Miss Julia Happily Ever After: Miss Julia
Rowley, Steven – The Guncle
Sandford, John – Ocean Prey: Lucas Davenport
Scottoline, Lisa – Eternal
Steel, Danielle – The Affair
— Finding Ashley
Sweeney, Cynthia – Good Company
Thayer, Nancy – Family Reunion
Ward, J. R. – Lover Unveiled: Black Dagger Brotherhood
Weiner, Jennifer – That Summer
Whitaker, Chris – We Begin at the End
White, Karen – The Last Night in London
Willig, Lauren – Band of Sisters
Winspear, Jacqueline – The Consequences of Fear: Maisie Dobbs
Woods, Stuart – Double Jeopardy: Stone Barrington
Yejide, Morowa – Creatures of Passage

Katelyn’s Winter List

Winter 2021

Armstrong, Kelley – A Stranger in Town: Casey Duncan
Berry, Steve – The Kaiser’s Web: Cotton Malone
Castillo, Linda – A Simple Murder: Kate Burkholder
Cline, Ernest – Ready Player Two
Cornwell, Patricia – Spin: Captain Chase
Dailey, Janet – Calder Brand
de Rosnay, Tatiana – Flowers of Darkness
Dodd, Christina – Wrong Alibi
Dorsey, Tim – Tropic of Stupid: Serge Storms
Evanovich, Janet – The Bounty: Fox and O’Hare
Fluke, Joanne – Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murders: Hannah Swenson
Fowler, Christopher – Byrant & May Oranges and Lemons: Peculiar Crimes Unit
Gardner, Lisa – Before She Disappeared
Grippando, James – Twenty: Jack Swyteck
Hannah, Kristin – The Four Winds
Harper, Jane – The Survivors
Harris, Charlaine – The Russian Cage: Gunnie Rose
Hurwitz, Gregg – Prodigal Son: Orphan X
Jance, J.A. – Missing and Endangered: Ali Reynolds
Johansen, Iris & Roy – Blink of an Eye: Kendra Michaels
Kellerman, Faye – The Lost Boys: Decker and Lazarus
Kellerman, Jonathan – Serpentine: Alex Delaware
Koryta, Michael – Never Far Away
Lindsay, Jeff – Fool Me Twice: Riley Wolfe
Macomber, Debbie – Winning Hearts
Mallery, Susan – The Vineyard at Painted Moon
Meier, Leslie – Irish Parade Murder: Lucy Stone
Oates, Joyce Carol – The (Other) You
Patterson, James – NYPD Red 6
— The Russian: Michael Bennett
Perry, Thomas – Eddie’s Boy: Butcher’s Boy
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child – The Scorpion’s Tail: Nora Kelly
Rice, Luanne – The Shadow Box
Robb, J.D. – Faithless in Death: Eve Dallas
Roberts, Nora – An Irish Wish: Irish Hearts
Smiley, Jane – Perestroika in Paris
Stabenow, Dana – Spoils of the Dead: Liam Campbell
Steel, Danielle – Neighbors
Taylor, Brad – American Traitor: Pike Logan
Todd, Charles – A Fatal Lie: Inspector Rutledge
Woods, Stuart – Hush, Hush: Stone Barrington

Katelyn’s Fall List

Coming soon to a library near you!
Fall 2020
Place your holds on these new and soon to be available books.

Andrews, Donna – The Gift of the Magpie: Meg Langslow

Archer, Jeffrey – Hidden in Plain Sight: William Warwick

Atkins, Ace – Robert B. Parker’s Someone to Watch over Me: Spenser

Backman, Fredrik – Anxious People

Baldacci, David – Daylight: Atlee Pine

Beaton, M.C. – Hot to Trot: Agatha Raisin

Bradford, Barbara – In the Lion’s Den: House of Falconer

Brown, Rita Mae – Out of Hounds: Sister Jane

Brown, Sandra – Thick as Thieves

Butcher, Jim – Battle Ground: Dresden Files

Carr, Robyn – Return to Virgin River: Virgin River

Child, Lee & Andrew Child – The Sentinel: Jack Reacher

Childs, Laura – Egg Shooters: Cackleberry Club

Clark, Mary Higgins – Piece of My Heart: Under Suspicion

Cleeves, Ann – The Darkest Evening: Vera Stanhope

Connelly, Michael – The Law of Innocence: Lincoln Lawyer

Cornwell, Bernard – War Lord: Last Kingdom

Cussler, Clive – Marauder: The Oregon Files

Deveraux, Jude & Tara Sheets – Chance of a Lifetime

Evanovich, Stephanie – Fortune and Glory: Stephanie Plum

Evans, Richard Paul – The Noel Letters: Noel Collection

Feehan, Christine – Dark Song: Carpathian

Flagg, Fannie – The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop

Fluke, Joanne – Christmas Cupcake Murder: Hannah Swenson

Flynn, Vince – Total Power: Mitch Rapp

Follett, Ken – The Evening and the Morning: Kingsbridge

French, Nicci – House of Corrections

French, Tana – The Searcher

Galbraith, Robert – Troubled Blood: Cormoran Strike

Graham, Heather – Dreaming Death: Krew of Hunters

Gregory, Philippa – Dark Tides: Fairmile

Grisham, John – A Time for Mercy: Jack Brigance

Gyasi, Yaa – Transcendent Kingdom

Haig, Matt – The Midnight Library

Hannah, Sophie – The Killings at Kingfisher Hill: Poirot

Hilderbrand, Elin – Troubles in Paradise: Paradise

Hoffman, Alice – Magic Lessons

Hornby, Nick – Just Like You

Jewell, Lisa – Invisible Girl

Johansen, Iris – Chaos: Alisa Flynn

Johnson, Craig – Next to Last Stand: Walt Longmire

Kingsbury, Karen – Truly, Madly, Deeply: Baxter Family

Kinsella, Sophie – Love Your Life

Kline, Christina Baker – The Exiles

Koontz, Dean – Elsewhere

Lewis, Beverly – The Stone Wall

Lupica, Mike – Robert B. Parker’s Fool’s Paradise: Jesse Stone

Mallery, Susan – Happily this Christmas

Mayor, Archer – The Orphan’s Guilt: Joe Gunther

McCall Smith, Alexander – How to Raise an Elephant: No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Michaels, Fern – The Brightest Star

Nesbo, Jo – The Kingdom

Palmer, Diana – Wyoming True: Wyoming Men

Patterson, James – The Coast to Coast Murders

  — Three Women Disappear

  — Deadly Cross: Alex Cross

Picoult, Jodi – The Book of Two Ways

Penny, Louise – All the Devils are Here: Three Pines

Perry, Ann – A Question of Betrayal: Elena Standish

— A Christmas Resolution

Robb, J.D. – Shadows in Death: Eve Dallas

Roberts, Nora – The Awakening: Dragon Heart Legacy

Rosenfelt, David – Silent Bite: Andy Carpenter

Sanderson, Brandon – Rhythm of War: Stormlight Archive

Sparks, Nicholas – The Return

Steel, Danielle – All that Glitters

Thompson, Victoria – City of Schemes: Counterfeit Lady

Unger, Lisa – Confessions on the 7:45

Walker, Wendy – Don’t Look for Me

Ware, Ruth – One by One

Woods, Stuart – Shakeup: Stone Barrington

Katelyn’s Summer List

Coming soon to a library near you! Place your holds on these new books.
Summer 2020

Andrews, Donna – The Falcon Always Wings Twice: Meg Langslow
Andrews, V.C. – Shadows of Foxworth: Dollanganger
Atkins, Ace – The Revelators: Quinn Colson
Balogh, Mary – Someone to Romance: Westcott
Bennett, Brit – The Vanishing Half
Black, Lisa – Every Kind of Wicked: Gardiner and Renner
Brooks, Terry – The Last Druid: Fall of Shannara
Butcher, Jim – Peace Talks: Dresden Files
Cabot, Meg – No Offense: Little Bridge Island
Castillo, Linda – Outsider: Kate Burkholder
Chiaverini, Jennifer – Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters
Connolly, John – The Dirty South: Charlie Parker
Coulter, Catherine – Deadlock: FBI Thriller
Cussler, Clive – The Saboteurs: Isaac Bell
Dailey, Janet – Holding Out for Christmas
Delaney, JP – Playing Nice
Doiron, Paul – One Last Lie: Mike Bowditch
Donoghue, Emma – The Pull of the Stars
Giffin, Emily – The Lies that Bind
Graham, Heather – Deadly Touch: Krewe of Hunters
Griffiths, Elly – The Lantern Men: Ruth Galloway
Harrison, Kim – American Demon: Hollows
Hamilton, Laurell – Sucker Punch: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
Hiaasen, Carl – Squeeze Me
Higgins, Kristan – Always the Last to Know
Hilderbrand, Elin – 28 Summers
Jackson, Lisa – You Betrayed Me: Cahills
Jance, J.A. – Credible Threat: Ali Reynolds
Johansen, Iris – The Persuasion: Eve Duncan
King, Laurie – Riviera Gold: Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
Lackberg, Camilla – The Golden Cage
Maden, Mike – Tom Clancy Firing Point: Jack Ryan Jr.
McCall Smith, Alexander – The Geometry of Holding Hands: Isabel Dalhousie
Michaels, Fern – Bitter Pill: Sisterhood
Oates, Joyce Carol – Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars.
Paris, B.A. – The Dilemma
Parker, T. Jefferson – Then She Vanished: Roland Ford
Patterson, James – Hush: Harriet Blue
— The Summer House
— 1st Case
— Cajun Justice
— The Midwife Murders
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth – Dance Away with Me
Reich, Christopher – The Palace: Simon Riske
Robards, Karen – The Black Swan of Paris
Rosenfelt, David – Muzzled: Andy Carpenter
Shalvis, Jill – The Summer Deal
Silva, Daniel – The Order: Gabriel Allon
Sittenfeld, Curtis – Rodham
Skeslien Charles, Janet – The Paris Library
Slaughter, Karin – The Silent Wife: Will Trent
Steel, Danielle – Daddy’s Girls
— Royal
Thor, Brad – Near Dark: Scot Harvath
Thyvold, Hans-Olav – Good Dogs Don’t Make it to the South Pole
Wiggs, Susan – The Lost and Found Bookshop
Williams, Beatriz – Her Last Flight
Woods, Stuart – Choppy Water: Stone Barrington

Katelyn’s List

Spring 2020

Andrews, Mary Kay – Hello, Summer

Baldacci, David – Walk the Wire: Amos Decker

Bohjalian, Chris – The Red Lotus

Box, C.J. – Long Range: Joe Pickett

Bradford Taylor, Barbara – In the Lion’s Den: House of Falconer

Briggs, Patricia – Smoke Bitten: Mercy Thompson

Brown, Rita Mae – Furmidable Foes: Mrs. Murphy

Burke, James Lee – A Private Cathedral: Dave Robicheaux

Carr, Robyn – Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

Childs, Laura – Lavender Blue Murder: Tea Shop Mysteries

Coben, Harlan – The Boy from the Woods

Connelly, Michael – Fair Warning: Jack McEvoy

Cussler, Clive – Journey of the Pharaohs: NUMA Files

— Wrath of Poseidon: Sam and Remi Fargo

Deaver, Jeffery – The Goodbye Man: Colter Shaw

Delinsky, Barbara – A Week at the Shore

Deveraux, Jude – A Forgotten Murder: Medlar Mysteries

Erdrich, Louise – The Night Watchman

Evanovich, Janet – The Bounty: Fox & O’Hare

Feehan, Christine – Lethal Game: Ghost Walker

Graham, Heather – The Final Deception: New York Confidential

Grisham, John – Camino Winds: Camino

Hooper, Kay – Hidden Salem: Bishop/Special Crimes Unit

Kidd, Sue Monk – The Book of Longings

King, Stephen – If it Bleeds

Kingsbury, Karen – Someone Like You: Baxter Family

Koontz, Dean – Devoted

Leon, Donna – Trace Elements: Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery

Mandel, Emily St. John – The Glass Hotel

Mantel, Hilary – The Mirror and the Light

Mallery, Susan – The Friendship List

Margolin, Phillip – A Reasonable Doubt: Robin Lockwood

McMillan, Terry – It’s Not All Downhill from Here

Michaels, Fern – Fearless

— Truth and Justice: Sisterhood

Paretsky, Sara – Dead Land: V.I. Warshawski

Patterson, James – Texas Outlaw: Rory Yates

— The 20th Victim: Women’s Murder Club

— Revenge

— Hush Hush: Detective Harriet Blue

Perry, Anne – One Fatal Flaw: Daniel Pitt

Quick, Amanda – Close Up: Burning Cove, California

Reichs, Kathy – A Conspiracy of Bones: Temperance Brennan

Roberts, Nora – Hideaway

Rollins, James – The Last Odyssey: Sigma Force

Rosenberg, Joel – The Jerusalem Assassin: Marcus Ryker

Rosenfelt, David – The K Team: K Team

Ross, Ann – Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two: Miss Julia

Sandford, John – Masked Prey: Prey

Shaara, Jeff – To Wake the Giant

Spencer-Fleming, Julia – Hid from our Eyes: Clare Ferhusson & Russ Van Alstyn Mystery

Steel, Danielle – The Numbers Game

— The Wedding Dress

Swanson, Peter – Eight Perfect Murders

Turow, Scott – The Last Trial: Kindle Country

Tyler, Anne – Redhead by the Side of the Road

Weiner, Jennifer – Big Summer

Woods, Stuart – Hit List: Stone Barrington

— Bombshell: Teddy Faye

Katelyn’s List

Winter 2019-20

Allende, Isabel – A Long Petal of the Sea
Berry, Steve – Warsaw Protocol: Cotton Malone
Beaton, M.C. – Beating About the Bush: Agatha Raisin
Benedict, Marie – Lady Clementine
Bowen, Rhys – Above the Bay of Angels
Brennan, Allison – The Third to Die: Mobile Response Team
Carr, Robyn – The Country Guesthouse: Sullivan’s Crossing
Chamberlain, Diane – Big Lies in a Small Town
Colvin, Jeffrey – Africaville
Cook, Robin – Genesis: Stapleton & Montgomery
Coyle, Cleo – Brewed Awakening: Coffeehouse Mysteries
Dallas, Sandra – Westering Women
Dorsey, Tim – Naked came the Florida Man: Serge Storms
Finder, Joseph – House on Fire: Nick Heller
Fluke, Joanne – Coconut Layer Cake Murder: Hannah Swensen
Fowler, Christopher – The Lonely Hour: Byrant & May
Gardner, Lisa – When You See Me: Detective D.D. Warren
Griffin, W.E.B. – The Attack: Badge of Honor
Grippando, James – The Big Lie: Jack Swyteck
Hannah, Sophie – Perfect Little Children
Harris, Charlaine – A Longer Fall: Gunnie Rose
Howard, Linda – After Sundown
Jackson, Lisa – Last Girl Standing
Johansen, Iris and Roy – Hindsight: Kendra Michaels
Kellerman, Jonathan – The Museum of Desire: Alex Delaware
Kubica, Mary – The Other Mrs.
Lindsay, Jeffry – Just Watch Me: Riley Wolfe
Mallery, Susan – Sisters by Choice: Blackberry Island
Miller, Linda Lael – Country Strong: Painted Pony Creek
Patterson, James – The River Murders: Mitchum
— Lost: Tom Moon
— Blindside: Michael Bennett
Pinborough, Sarah – Dead to Her
Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child – Crooked River: Agent Pendergast
Rice, Luanne – Last Day
Robb, J.D. – Golden in Death: Eve Dallas
Roberts, Nora – The Coming Storm
Robinson, Peter – Many Rivers to Cross: DCI Banks
Stabenow, Dana – No Fixed Line: Kate Shugak
Steel, Danielle – Moral Compass
Taylor, Brad – Hunter Killer: Pike Logan
Todd, Charles – A Divide Loyalty: Inspector Ian Rutledge
White, Randy Wayne – Salt River: Doc Ford
Williams, Beatriz – The Wicked Redhead: The Wicked City
Williams, Beatriz, Lauren Willig and Karen White – All the Ways We Said Goodbye

OverDrive’s Big Library Read

Join the fun! Big Library Read is the first-ever “global eBook club,” connecting readers around the world who read the same eBook at the same time. Program sponsor, OverDrive, teams with noted eBook publishers to make two popular eBooks available to public libraries and schools for lending. During the two-week program, the Big Library Read titles are available to borrow through participating libraries and schools. It’s free and there’s never a waiting list during the program. All you need is a library card to get started reading in this international eBook club. For more information see http://biglibraryread.com/.

The genre this time around is Young Adult and the winning titles are The Door In the Hedge by Robin McKinley and In The Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters. It will run from October 7th through the 21st.